What is Cryptostats?
Receive normalized data, large trade alerts, arbitrage alerts, streaming statistics, orderbook dynamics, and liquidity data for all cryptocurrencies across all major exchanges - with one connection.


Cryptostats Pro is a streaming data and analysis service that provides highly relevant, tradeable data for all cryptocurrencies listed across the main exchanges.
Hit play below to see how easy it is to get started - this simple code streams all trades in Deribit's BTC-PERPETUAL instrument, live.
You can receive normalized trade and orderbook data for all exchanges along with combined orderbooks for each currency - for example a combined, central orderbook for all BTCUSD perpetual instruments across all exchanges that have a BTCUSD perpetual swap. These combined orderbooks are adjusted for fees, so you can see the true tradeable price and get a real view of the market.
You can also get:
Add the data sourcing to your existing trading algorithm with a single line:
ws = create_connection('wss://pro.cryptostats.dev:8443/')

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